Starts 16:00, Galerie Julia Dorsch

Breite Straße 20, 14199 Berlin

An exhibition by Stefano Bosis


After a year travelling around Central America, nourishing himself with new experiences to share with his audience, Stefano Bosis shows a new perspective of his acclaimed series “Migrants”. His second exhibition “Viaggio II” will take place at Galerie Julia Dorsch Berlin, from September 5th until October 31st.

Remaining loyal to his main argument where represents himself as a painter, and his soul as an artist, with “The Trip” and its leading characters “The Migrants”, Bosis introduces in his series a new subject: “The Xenophobia”. This is personified by the figure of an alien, as a symbol that speaks for the unknown and the undiscovered that generates in humans a feeling of fear, and at the same time curiosity. Opening a discussion about the richness and diversity of life, the artist says in his own words: “A life of differences is a wealthy life that makes us understand better the world”.

Journey to Keplero


Journey to Keplero (Migrants), Oil on canvas, 100x100cm

In this exhibition, not only the “Migrants” will be the protagonists. Viewers will discover other fascinating characters not seen before in Bosis’ paintings. Sometimes surrealistic, sometimes coming from other eras, but all of them sharing the same scenario together with the “Migrants”. In one canvas, getting to experience all times at once: the past, present and future.

With the first series of “Migrants” presented last year at Galerie Julia Dorsch, the public could appreciate these figures from a distance, as a vision without a context of space or time, traveling through the colors of the dessert and the blurred sky. This time the painter provides us a closer view, offering a new perspective of those travelers (Migrants), and then getting to understand “The Trip”, that constitutes life itself in a wider way.

In this second stage of the series, the painter depicts all of these characters in scenes and situations from the day-­‐a-­‐day. But other situations as well, not as common, will come up this time…

Once again, Bosis demands our attention and interest, capturing us in his paintings, seducing us with the colors. Always moving between realism and expressionism, letting us discover the world from another point of view, he speaks about life through stories which describes a journey which never ends.


Opening: 5. September 2015 from 16 until 20.00

Location: Galerie Julia Dorsch, Breite Straße 20, 14199 Schmargendorf – Berlin

Starts 6pm, Freifläche vor dem Pallasseum Höhe

Pallas Straße 5, 10781 Berlin-Schöneberg

Starts 6pm, The Ballery Berlin

Nollendorf Straße 11, 10777 Berlin

Starts 1pm, La Roquette

13200 Arlés

Starts 12:00, Plateau Gallery, 7th Floor of GREENHOUSE Berlin

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For the whole month of July, The Ballery Berlin is bringing to us one of their most ambitious projects to date.

Around The World In Thirty Days is an arts and culture festival that aims to bring together and showcase the diversity of art around the world and here in Berlin. Each week The Ballery will divide the space into different country zones, giving curators and artists the chance to show work. Even though the room will be divided, the goal is to bring communities together and to find out more about the talent and perspectives from around the globe.

Starting on July 3rd-7th, The Ballery will present artists from: South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong; July 10th-14th: Canada, USA, Australia, Brazil, Mexico and Cuba; July 15th-16th: special exhibition supported by the embassy of Nepal. Exhibition “Images from the Himalaya”; July 17th-22nd: Poland, Belarus, Bulgaria and Israel; July 24th-31st: Togo, Malawi, Tunisia, France, Greece, Spain, The Netherlands and Uruguay.

The Ballery will be hosting different events related to the Arts Festival during July, such as concerts, performances and culinary events.

Duration: July 3rd – July 31st

Vernissages: July 3rd, July 10th, July 15th, July 17th and July 24th

The Ballery, Nollendorf Straße 11, 10777 Berlin

Starts 1, 2 & 3pm, 48 Stunden Neukölln - Bäckerei Mert

Hobrechtstr. 38, 2047 Berlin

Starts 7pm, Synkoop
Venediger Au 4, 1020 Wien (Eingang Arnezhoferstrasse)

Starts 7pm, Theartscouts Gallery

Giesebrechtstrasse 16, 10629 Berlin

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